Ben's 1x1x1 - June 14, 2024 πŸš€ - You want how much for this business?!

For those of you that are new here, every week I send what I call a 1x1x1.
One learning, reminder, or interesting item from my week.
One interesting find/tool from my week.
One image from my life.

Let's dive in πŸ‘‡

Learning/reminder of the week

Getting your dog groomed isn't the only thing that's expensive these days.

Businesses are expensive!

Even with interest rates where they are, companies are still commanding top dollar with high multiples.

It really highlights how much private money is on the sidelines right now. PE funds have $2.59 trillion in dry powder just waiting to be deployed (S&P Global).

That being said I have hope. Just like the hope I have that Taylor Swift will respond to the fan letter I wrote her in high school.

The wave I keep waiting for πŸ‘‡

12 million baby boomers currently own businesses in the US. 70% of them are expected to retire in the next 10 years.

I'm praying to the SMB gods that this paired with high interest rates will eventually drive prices down.

Until then, we'll just keep building πŸš€

Interesting find/tool of the week

I've been absolutely loving Loom's transcription tool.

I'll finish a sales call, record my notes via Loom, then take that video and transcript pasting it as a note in our CRM. So easy!

I now have time to teach my grandma how to add GIFs in iMessage.

Image from my life

Last night we had dinner at the farm where we get the bulk of our food from. So happy to have access to locally grown food like this πŸ₯•

See you all next week!