About me

Hey, I'm Ben and I love building businesses.

A bit about me: I jumped into the startup game in high school with Aspect, selling premium organic athletic gear all over California. I did a stint as a financial analyst at Del Monte when I was 19 – crazy story how that happened. Then I started Soul id, a social media platform for action sports athletes. NBC called it one of the fastest-growing sports brands, and I ended up in the Thiel Summit's under-20 entrepreneur squad. Still not sure why they picked me.

After four years with Soul id, I  joined the Outsell Inc. train in 2016 as a Product Manager, later joined the exec team as VP of Product and Head of Outsell for Startups. My job? Crafting products to turn CEOs into superheroes and spotting the wildest startups at the data-tech intersection.

Then came WeHero – the experiment to help top-tier companies nail Corporate Social Responsibility. Goal? Empower 1,000,000 folks to give back easily and impactfully. March 2023, it got acquired by private equity.

Outside the grind, I'm advising startups, tinkering with designs, and shredding on wheels, skis, or a surfboard. Let's get building!

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